I am an award-winning Designer and Developer.

My print work has been published in multiple magazines in United States (Cabela’s, Home and Ranch Source Magazine, Country Living Magazine).

I am a well-rounded, innovative and imaginative professional with a passion for both Design and Programming. I also have a passion for Marketing and Marketing Automation and hold certification in Marketo (

I can take your project from start to finish – from planning and concept development with the client, through wire framing and art direction/design, to front and back-end development, including deployment and post-deployment training.

Resourceful and a solution finder, especially in time-critical situations.

I have both, agency and corporate experience. I have worked in both private and government/federal sectors.

Avid learner and hard worker. I view everyday as an opportunity for personal growth. I am also fun, energetic, and love to laugh. I hope to always be around positivity.

Thank you for visiting my site!

PORTFOLIO Edyta Jordan

- Edyta Jordan